Market bag price announced to apply in 2023

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Turkish Retailers Federation (TPF) demanded that the price of shopping bags be increased from 25 cents to 75 cents. Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum announced the market prices for the bags. The institution announced that in 2023 there will be no increase in the price of bags … Read more

Turkey to hold political consultations with Russia – News details

ANKARA (IGFA) – In a written statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was announced that political consultations between Turkey and the Russian Federation will be held in Istanbul on December 8-9, 2022 between delegations led by Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Sedat Onal and Deputy Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin. The ministry said … Read more

Discounts on gasoline and diesel fuel are approaching

SAFAKNA TURKEY- With changes in Brent oil prices and foreign exchange rates, gasoline and diesel prices continue to fluctuate. The price of Brent crude fell to $79. According to NTV news, a decrease of TL 1.88 in the diesel group and TL 2.13 in the petrol group is expected from tomorrow. According to current fuel … Read more

Beware gold buyers! The record forecast has arrived!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Record prices for grams of gold and rising prices for ounces have now been replaced by a decline. When gold prices fell below a critical level, the multinational bank Standard Chartered made a forecast for gold. In a note sent to investors the other day, the bank said gold prices would rise … Read more

An increase of 18.6% for civil servants and 17.5% for pensioners.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The 5-month consumer price index published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) shows that the New Year’s increase, which will be made for retired civil servants and civil servants, workers, merchants and retired farmers, will be far below the real cost of living. Inflation rises to about 3 percent in December, and … Read more

Beware of the 8 main signs of lung cancer

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Weakness As with all cancers, fatigue is an important symptom of lung cancer. Fatigue can be seen at any stage, so it can be an early sign of lung cancer. Because the metabolism of cancer cells is too intense, they consume many times more energy than normal cells. They can cause extreme … Read more

Don’t throw away the walnut shell!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts in the world. Walnuts added to baked goods, cakes and pastries can also be consumed on their own. If you list the benefits of walnuts, then walnut strengthens the immune system with regular use. Gives the skin radiance for a long time and prevents the … Read more

Will the price of electricity or natural gas go up?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez made important statements in a program he attended on 24 TV. Excerpts from the statements of Minister Donmez: “We have concentrated on seismic research in Shirnak for about a year. We’ve done drilling. Production is carried out in 4 wells on Mount Gabar and … Read more

Amid Fed Uncertainty

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – An ounce of gold is in a limited uptrend today due to uncertainty about the Fed’s interest rate hike ahead of US PPI data tomorrow. Gold prices will be announced in the US on Friday and will follow the interests of the Fed… The Fed’s article on uncertainty first appeared in Last … Read more

First minimum wage meeting today

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The process of determining the new minimum wage, which directly affects more than 7 million workers and indirectly all citizens, will begin today at 14:00 from the first meeting at the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. TÜRK-İŞ MEET BEFORE THE INTERVIEW TÜRK-İŞ, which represents workers on a 15-member Minimum Wage Commission … Read more