Death after Botox stomach!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The investigation was launched after some patients who received gastric Botox at a private hospital in Tuzla developed symptoms such as double vision, high blood pressure and nausea. During the research, it was found that patients who received gastric botox were most often operated on in Istanbul and Izmir, and a total … Read more

Public funding for those suffering from “love pain”!

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – More than 1,200 young people in New Zealand are reported to need support to cope with early experiences of love and pain. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Social Development and Employment Priyancha Radhakrishnan. According to The Economist News, Deputy Minister Radhakrishnan said separation is a difficult experience for young … Read more

Interest-free loan from KOSGEB for SMEs affected by the earthquake

SHAFAQNA TURKEY- The program covers about 30,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in 11 provinces in the earthquake zone and affected by the earthquake. According to their scale, enterprises in this situation will be provided with fast financing up to 1.5 million lira. Thanks to the loan program, the loan amount will be 11 billion Turkish … Read more

All EYT details have been announced

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Millions of people have reached out to SSI asking to retire after the Retirement Age Regulation (EYT), but there are various question marks in their heads. By publishing a circular on EYT, SGK clarified who can benefit from regulation and retire and who can’t. Circular SGC removed the question marks in the … Read more

Here are the lowest and highest meat prices

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Meat and Dairy Authority and the Istanbul Association of Food and Essential Retailers (PERDER) have decided to work together to fix Ramadan meat prices. To date, the price of ground beef is 190 Turkish Lira per kilogram, and 210 Turkish Lira per kilogram of ground … Read more

Statement of the AKP party on the increase in pensions

SHAFAKNA TURKEY. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivered the good news to pensioners in a live broadcast he attended yesterday. President Erdogan said: “We have done our work with pensioners and this figure is calculated by our Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Treasury and… An article about raising the retirement age from the AKP … Read more

Pay attention to 5 important symptoms associated with headaches in children

Specialist in pediatric neurology Assoc. Dr. Hepsen Mein Serin stated that contrary to popular belief, not all headaches are harbingers of a tumor: “Headaches have many causes and the diagnosis can be easily made with a detailed history and neurological examination. However, if a child complains of frequent headaches, has difficulty doing daily activities, does … Read more

BRSA Announced! The volume of consumer credit has increased

SAFAKNA TURKEY – According to the weekly bulletin published by BRSA, as of March 17, the volume of loans in the sector increased by 73 billion 823 million lira. During this period, the total loan volume increased from 8 trillion 172 billion 867 million lira to 8 trillion 246 billion 690 million lira. The total … Read more

The Central Bank decided on the interest rate

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Central Bank Committee on Monetary Policy announced the discount rate. The central bank cut its discount rate by 50 basis points to 8.5% in February. The following provisions were included in the decision: “Despite the fact that recently released data on economic activity turned out to be more positive than expected, … Read more