10 million 400 thousand people die every year from excessive salt intake and hypertension

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In conjunction with the “World Salt Awareness Week” held in Edirne from 14 to 20 March, the Edirne Provincial Health Authority has organized a program for businesses and medical professionals working in the city. At an event held at the Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Provincial Health Director Dr. Ishak Yildirim and prof. Dr. Sedat Ustundag spoke about health problems caused by excessive salt intake.


Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Trakya University, who took part as a speaker in the program. Dr. Sedat Ustundag stated that 3 out of 4 people who had a stroke died from excessive salt consumption, adding that salt is a silent serial killer. Ustundag noted that excessive salt intake can lead to various health problems.


Claiming that the genetic and biological characteristics of each person are different, prof. Dr. Ustundag recommended measuring blood pressure for those who cannot stand crowds and noise and fall asleep immediately after dinner.

Emphasizing that reducing salt intake provides more effective blood pressure reduction than the use of many drugs, Prof. Dr. Ustundag noted that more than half of people aged 50 to 60 suffer from hypertension and that the incidence will increase with age. Declaring that people do not recognize salt and hypertension, prof. Dr. Ustundag stressed that the proportion of patients whose blood pressure can be controlled is 28 percent.

Speaking at the program, Provincial Health Director Iskhak Yildirim said the World Health Organization recommends 5 grams or less for daily salt intake, and that 5 grams is equivalent to a heaping teaspoon.


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