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Did you know that regular exercise is just as good for the internal functioning of our body as it is for the outside? Our body is designed to move, but most of us spend the day sitting. It endangers our health and quality of life. Exercise makes us feel good, here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Increases energy
    As the heart rate increases during exercise, more blood is pumped throughout the body, increasing the amount of oxygen in cells and tissues. This oxygen is the fuel for our body and increases our energy. If you’re feeling tired, rejuvenate yourself by doing moves that get your blood flowing faster.
  2. improves your mood
    Exercise speeds up the release of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, into the body. If you feel unhappy, run or walk in the park. After that, your appearance will change in an instant!
  3. Provides a healthy pH balance
    Increasing the oxygen content in the body through exercise also balances the pH level. This means providing an “alkaline environment” that is the healthiest for our body. If our body enters an acidic environment, the risk of developing diseases such as eczema, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer increases. Our bodies use alkaline minerals in the body to neutralize acid. Accelerating blood circulation in the body means accelerating the flow of oxygen, which alkalizes the body. Thus, a healthier and more energetic state is achieved.
  4. Provides Healthy Weight Loss
    Exercise, along with healthy food choices, is the best way to lose weight. It activates the metabolism, increases the number of calories burned. A combination of fat-burning aerobics and strength training helps you lose weight. Muscle burns 50 times more energy than fat, so the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn.
  5. Promotes healthy weight gain
    Some people aim to gain weight rather than lose weight. The only way to achieve a muscular body and a healthy weight is through exercise and proper nutrition. Strength training and exercises make the body more dynamic. These exercises not only help build muscle mass, but also increase the endurance of the body.
  6. Increases flexibility
    Passive exercise or yoga in the form of stretching keeps the body flexible. Being flexible means that the body is strong, which is one of the factors that prolong life. Increasing the flexibility of the body increases the mobility of a person, makes him more mobile, reduces tension in the body and, as a result, improves the quality of life.
  7. Increases the body’s resistance
    Endurance training increases energy and slows down the loss of strength caused by old age. Weight training, endurance exercises and bodybuilding exercises are the most effective ways to increase the body’s resistance.
  8. Increases Agility
    Jumping on a trampoline, walking along the edge of the sidewalk, jumping from one side of a beam or tree trunk to the other helps maintain balance and improve concentration. These are exercises where there is no competition, but which train the brain. They help our body adapt to new situations, most importantly, slow down aging.
  9. Removes toxins
    Exercise helps all the self-cleansing activities of our body. Our lymphatic system works in harmony with muscle movement and performs the important task of clearing waste from our cells. Our pores are also cleansed by sweating during exercise. The oxygen provided by exercise helps our body recover and renew itself.
  10. you live better
    Exercise is important for physical health. It strengthens the heart, keeps blood sugar under control, reduces the accumulation of fat in the body, increases the amount of oxygen and speeds up the process of cleansing from toxins. All these processes help our body fight disease and prevent disease. Exercise is the key to a strong immune system and excellent health.
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