15 Healthy Pre-Workout Foods I Pre-Workout Nutrition

15 foods to eat during your pre-workout meal

oats: Oats are one of the staple foods that you can consume before your workout and they will help you control your weight as they are rich in nutritional value and make you feel full. You can add oatmeal to your smoothie or eat it in your breakfast bowl. Due to its water-holding capacity, it creates a feeling of satiety.

Banana: Adding a carb-rich banana to your pre-workout diet will quickly boost your energy levels, ensuring you don’t need extra food during your gym workout. In addition, bananas, which are rich in protein, will help you build muscle while exercising.

Coffee: Thanks to the caffeine in black coffee, it will speed up your metabolism and support your fat burning process. Not to mention feeling energized throughout the sport.

Smoothies: Before high-energy workouts, you can try fruit shakes that can meet your body’s carbohydrate and protein needs.

Dried fruits: To meet sudden energy needs, you can keep running without getting tired by eating dried fruits that are high in carbohydrates and easily digestible.

Chickpeas: You can eat a quarter cup of boiled chickpeas seasoned with lemon juice. Thus, you will satisfy your needs for vegetable protein, carbohydrates and fiber. Be sure to try this recipe, very easy to prepare and very tasty.

Apple and orange: In addition to meeting your antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral needs, apples and oranges also help protect you from many diseases. We recommend adding apples or oranges to your pre-sport diet for energy and minerals without straining your digestion.

Fresh Juice: In addition to providing the energy your body needs during exercise without the need for digestion, it also speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn more calories.

Vegetable stew: You can also meet your carbohydrate needs with a variety of green vegetables that can be quickly steamed before your workout. You can also satisfy your electrolyte needs with a pinch of Himalayan salt.

Fresh vegetable juices: Any vegetable juice that you can make quickly or get cold-pressed in bottles, or combinations of different vegetables can open the door to a healthy body or successful exercise. Adding fresh vegetable juices to your pre-workout diet will also speed up the elimination of toxins from the body and the breakdown of fat cells during exercise.

Whole Grain Bread: Another food that can be a constant source of energy during your workout is whole grain bread. A slice of high-quality grain bread that you eat 1 hour before your workout contains intense carbohydrates that will provide energy throughout the exercise without tiring you out.

Beet: Beetroot, which is a natural blood booster, also increases the rate of fat burning in the body. If your goal is to burn fat during your workout, we definitely recommend it.

Herbal water: Grass juice juice, which you can get by squeezing the grass obtained by germinating wheat seeds with a slow juicer, will support your cells regeneration during sports due to the chlorophyll it contains. You can drink a shot 15-20 minutes before your workout and sweeten it with lemon.

Blueberry (blue berry): The handful of blueberries you eat have anti-inflammatory and anti-wear properties, perfect for preventing tissue damage that can occur during muscle-building workouts.

Flaxseed: Flaxseed, which facilitates digestion due to its dense fiber content, also increases the stamina of the body. You can sprinkle it on your smoothie, oatmeal, or salad and consume it during your pre-workout diet.

If your goal is to lose weight, you should not go to the gym on an empty stomach. The more quality nutrients, vitamins and minerals you provide your body before training, the faster fat will be burned.

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