$2 billion Bitcoin outflow from Binance

SAFAKNA TURKEY – whale alert November 28 As part of the transfer notified of $2.06 billion costs 127,351 bitcoins Moved from a wallet known as a Binance cold wallet to another recently opened and unknown wallet. Analysts, process most likely own one of the internal processes claimed it was.

Experts believe that the transfer made by Binance to the reservation confirmation system He stated that this could be part of preparations for After FTX filed for bankruptcy, Binance stated that cryptocurrency exchanges do not use clients’ assets for personal gain and should move to a full reserve confirmation system to prove that all clients can easily pay your deposits in case of a panic. In addition, as part of this offer, Binance also recently switch to full backup proof reported.

Following this news, social media users announced that the giant cryptocurrency exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao (Czech Republic) called for a statement as part of its transparency policy. But not yet from Binance or CZ CEO. No explanation was received.

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