$2 billion will come from Qatar to Turkey

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Recalling that Qatar and Turkey have agreed to transfer resources totaling $10 billion, two economic officials who provided information to Reuters; He said that about $1 billion has been received so far, and $2 billion will arrive as of the first weeks of the year.

A special report released by Reuters in late November indicated that Qatar was in the final stages of negotiations to provide Turkey with a $10 billion inflow of new resources, and that $2-3 billion of that would come this year.

Following the Treasury news, it borrowed $2 billion with a Eurobond issue, with 55 percent of the borrowing going to investors in the Middle East.

Reuters official economic briefing, “An agreement has already been reached on the provision of $10 billion by Qatar. They contributed to the Eurobond issue launched in recent weeks, but they did not participate as much as they had planned, because there were many participants from other countries and organizations. Now, in the first week of the year, it is again planned to issue Eurobonds, from which an inflow of about $2 billion is expected. The sequel is scheduled to be released within a year (2023).” he said.

Another economist “Until the end of the year, we planned to have 2-3 billion dollars. As of the first weeks of the year, the entire amount will be received through participation in Eurobond issues.” said.

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