“2023 will be a golden year for real estate”

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Real estate consultant Schule Alp noted that the campaign will offer a solution to a housing need rather than being commercial, and noted that 2023 will be a golden year for the construction industry thanks to the project.

will start from 0.69

Providing information about the project, real estate consultant Shule Alp said: “Under the New Home program, the amounts of financing to be provided by banks and financial institutions are no more than 5 million Turkish liras in Istanbul, which is the 1st region, 3 million Turkish liras in the provinces of the 2nd region, 3 most of all. For the provinces of the region, no more than 2 million Turkish liras were determined. The minimum down payment will be 10% in all regions. Interest/profit share rates will apply at rates starting at 0.69 percent on financing to be provided with a maximum maturity of 15 years.

Home Developer Support

Stating that the project will make a big contribution to the sector, Alp said: “This important campaign for middle-income people who cannot meet the conditions after the social housing campaign for low-income citizens will make a big contribution to the sector. With the help of this campaign, both the purchasing conditions of citizens will improve, and financial support will be provided to developers to increase production.”

“Opportunists will say stop”

Noting that the campaign is not a commercial tool, Alp said: “When we look at the details, we see that this campaign will offer a solution to the need for asylum, not a commercial tool. In other words, it will not be possible to say: “Let me buy and sell a house and earn money.” The condition not to sell for 5 years will also prevent opportunists. For now, I expect that the rise in social housing prices will also stop,” he said.

“Citizens should think”

Noting that real estate ads will also be monitored, Alp said: “An important issue that was highlighted in the statement made is that the ministry has announced that price increases on internet pages have been carefully monitored and evaluated for a long time. The statement that detailed analysis and valuation studies are carried out using financial, financial, ownership data and real estate listing site data for the real estate sector is a sign that unfair price increases will be prevented. When these campaigns are evaluated along with sales to foreigners, we can say that 2023 will be a golden year for the construction industry. Given the rising costs, our citizens should use the loan rate of 0.69 effectively.”

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