3 days and 3 nights Birthday of the world’s oldest turtle

The Seychelles authorities have announced that they have reserved 3 days from 2 to 4 December to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the world’s oldest tortoise, Jonathan. It is not known exactly when the giant tortoise, introduced to Saint Helena in 1882, hatched.

Yesterday, the Governorate of Saint Helena announced that they celebrated the 190th birthday of Jonathan, who entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest tortoise, with three days of events. Jonathan is estimated to be over 190 years old, as it is not known exactly when he hatched.

It has been stated that Jonathan lost his sight due to cataracts in his eyes, and that the veterinarian hand-fed him because his sense of smell was also lost. On the occasion of Jonathan’s birthday, the St. Helena Governor’s Office stated: “We are looking forward to Jonathan’s big day! Jonathan is just one of many outstanding attractions in Saint Helena!” used phrases.

Saint Helena Governor Nigel Phillips said of Jonathan: “I hope to be as active as Jonathan when I turn 190. I’m looking forward to celebrating this weekend.”

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