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SAFAKNA TURKEY – After it was announced that housing rental assistance provided to citizens would be increased in recent days, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum and Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati announced the new provision. Minister Nebati stated that they had identified three different approaches to urban transformation and said:

1- CREDIT ADVANTAGE: “We will stimulate urban transformation by providing loans to owners of independent sections who have negotiated with the housing manufacturer on very favorable terms in line with market conditions. In this model, we will support the transformation of cities by defending precedents so that homeowners do not lose their rights.

2- MANUFACTURER SUPPORT: As part of the transformation of cities on the islands, we will encourage housing producers. We will increase the supply of earthquake-resistant housing by providing low-cost financial support to housing manufacturers. In both cases, we activate the KGF supports. In this way, we plan to facilitate the access of housing producers and owners of independent sections to loans.

3- NEW RENTAL MODEL: Our third model, which we started working on before February 6, aims to increase the supply of rental housing. In this model, we plan to introduce the concept of a rental housing producer in our country and increase the supply of rental housing in a short time. Rental houses produced under this model will primarily serve owners and tenants of risky buildings in urban transformation. Rent amounts and rent increases will be determined by the government agency and a rent cap will apply. We will also curb rent inflation, which has been above reasonable levels since the epidemic.”


Minister Nureddin Nebati stated that they will review the KGF package to facilitate access to the financing needed by contractors involved in TOKİ projects and that they will share the details with the public in the coming days, and said: “We have updated the package of loan rates applied in housing loans to meet the housing needs of our citizens. We have introduced a stamp duty exemption until the end of 2023 for housing construction works offered by TOKİ in order to ensure the production of houses for middle and low income groups on more favorable terms.

The foundation of 309 thousand houses will be laid

Minister Murat Kurum, who gave information about the houses, the construction of which began on February 21, said: “9 thousand 61 houses and 400 village houses in Gaziantep, 911 houses and village houses in Adiyaman, 645 in Kilis, 1677 in Hatay. 7 thousand 247 people in Kahramanmaras, 897 people in Sanliurfa; We have started construction of a total of 27,253 houses, including 5,428 in Malatya, 590 in Adana and 152 in Osmaniye, along with village houses. In March, we will start building 15,000 rural houses simultaneously in 11 provinces through tenders. We hope that in the next three months we will lay down a total of 309,000 houses, including village houses in all 11 regions, and begin construction processes.” Minister Kurum also stated that TOKİ has healthy, safe and new homes built for urban transformation in the region and that these homes will be offered to earthquake victims.

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