30.5% increase in medicine

SAFAKNA TURKEY- According to the decision published in the Official Gazette, signed by President Erdogan, the value of 1 euro in Turkish lira, which will be used for pricing human medicines, was increased by 30.5 percent in July.

President and Chairman of the AKP Recep Tayyip ErdoganThe decision, published signed in the Official Gazette, introduced a change in the pricing of human medicines.

According to the decision, the value of 1 euro in Turkish lira used for pricing human medicines was increased by 30.5 percent to 14.0387 Turkish liras.

With the increase, the scale value for protected price products became 48.41 TL, and the value for other products became 25.30 TL.

The decision will come into force on July 24. When the value of the euro is periodically updated, the increase to 4 Turkish lira applied under the provisional article 7 will not be taken into account.

After the update, the increase to 4 TL will be added to the sale prices of items in stock without changing the value of TL.

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