4 Great Ways to Cope With Mental Fatigue

One of the most common problems people face today mental fatigue it happens. There are many reasons for this. Stress, age-related memory problems, alcohol and drug use are among the most common. However, technologies that are efficient in our thoughts and also make our lives easier cause mental fatigue. The technology we use can distract us from time to time. This can prevent our mind from focusing. Our mind, faced with many different ideas at the same time, can find it difficult to establish the correct order. Therefore, people mind control they must develop themselves.

Changing working conditions and lack of time cause people stress. Mental fatigue occurs as a result of this stress. There are many different ways to relieve mental fatigue. For example, one of these mindful living program This is known as a stress management tactic. The purpose of this method is to enable you to manage stress and manage your mind on your own.

What is mental fatigue?

mental fatigue Usually occurs as a result of intense mental activity in humans. This manifests itself in feelings such as overthinking or worrying about past events. In addition, it is known that another cause of mental fatigue is stress. Hectic working lives, traffic jams in everyday life, increased use of technology due to the pandemic and the need to stay at home are putting people under stress. As a result, people struggle to cope with overthinking and disorganized ideas in the brain. For this reason, another name for mental fatigue is brain fatigue.

Among the most characteristic signs of brain fatigue are the inability to concentrate, fatigue and unwillingness to work. People who are faced with the problem of mental fatigue cannot concentrate on the work they are doing or should be doing. In addition, they feel very tired. If you feel tired even though you haven’t done anything all day, you probably have mental fatigue. There are many ways to relax your soul. But, of course, it is in your best interest to find the causes of the problem you had before.

What causes mental fatigue?

mental fatigue There are many different factors for the cause. Although they themselves cause mental fatigue over time, one or more of them can cause the same effect in a short time. To rid your mind of weariness with time, mind control Getting help is very important to your health. To improve mind control, you must first identify the causes of your fatigue. In general, we can list these reasons as follows.

  • Heavy drinking and related problems with insomnia,
  • Mental fatigue due to depression and anxiety disorders,
  • Stress caused by prolonged pressure
  • Constant thoughts about work due to busy working life,
  • The impact on our body of electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic pollution emitted by technical devices that we often use today.
  • cramped, stuffy offices, which are more common in big cities,
  • Negative effects of staying at home due to the pandemic,
  • Some side effects of drugs used for chronic diseases
  • Lack of vitamins important for the brain and irregular functioning of certain hormones.

What diseases are associated with mental fatigue?

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the diseases observed due to mental fatigue. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease causes age-related disturbances in thinking, memory, and behavior. However, as a result of research, stress-dependent mental fatigue It was revealed that it is one of the causative factors of this disease, when it is not eliminated by various methods.

Another disorder associated with this condition is attention deficit disorder. As a result, forgetfulness and impaired concentration occur. A concentration disorder negatively affects people, especially in situations that require tension and practicality in business life. Insomnia, or sleep disturbance, is another disease caused by mental fatigue caused by excessive stress and hard work. To avoid all this mind control is necessary.

Which occupational groups are most affected by mental fatigue?

Occupational groups most prone to mental fatigue are occupations associated with intense mental activity. Among them, bankers, accountants, economists and financial analysts are the first to come to mind. For this reason, the professions of people dealing with economic data mental fatigue observed more often. In addition, brain fatigue is also experienced by CEOs who are managers of large and medium-sized companies, employees who often deal with business transactions, purchasing managers and company employees.

In addition, other professions that experience mental fatigue include sales representatives, call center operators, and students. Students can also be used in preparing for exams or when writing a thesis or thesis. mental fatigue they live. This fatigue, on the other hand, affects our creativity and mental health, affecting our thoughts over time. For this reason, it will be beneficial for our health to learn various mind control tactics to keep it healthy and active.

To protect our mental health today mind control we can use techniques. To control the mind, we must learn to manage stress and control anxiety. Thus, we can prevent mental fatigue by being aware of our own resources.

Each of us goes through a process that we have not experienced before, and which, most likely, was taken by surprise. While we move forward by sharing common experiences, each of us may react differently to events due to many factors, such as our own unique interpretation skills, beliefs, and behaviors that we have brought from the past, then, what we have learned, our education, our upbringing. and our temperament.

However, there is another point that this process is perhaps a rather unconventional way of measuring our resilience/resilience for all of us. It may be easier to give mature answers, manage stress, and manage anxiety as our lives go on, but when we face the unknown, it turns out we need to use our own resources that we didn’t use before. Fortunately, the flexibility we show in unusual situations and our ability to adapt to a new situation takes us out of any situation we find ourselves in through growth, empowerment, and learning. Maybe we are making peace with ourselves again, thanking ourselves for getting through this situation with the least damage and doing our part.

So what do we need to remind ourselves of when making the most efficient use of these resources?

1. Compassion, Self-compassion;

At this stage, it is time to be understanding, kind and loving towards yourself and your loved ones. We are capable of showing this attitude towards others, but we must admit that when it comes to power, it is difficult for us to show the same compassionate and inclusive attitude towards ourselves. Perhaps we fall into the delusion that if we are kind to ourselves, we will become spoiled or lazy. However, it would be helpful to remind ourselves once again that we can only give ourselves the most natural support. We will see natural recovery and growth when we move away from seeking approval/understanding/acceptance that we expect from outside and turn our attention to our own resources.

2. The principle of universality;

To see again and again that this pandemic process brings us closer, unites us in one anxiety, that pain and happiness exist for every person, that we share similar experiences, no matter how lonely we sometimes feel, that we are powerless. in the face of the same that we are strong in the face of the same situation. This shows how universal it is.


3. Radical acceptance;

Perhaps the importance of this concept, which we often hear lately, should be mentioned as follows. We can welcome the famous serenity prayer by gaining the ability to recognize the nuances between the two, with the support of elements such as turning to our own resources for things we can change, wisdom, patience, and letting things flow beyond our control. This concept encourages us to accept reality as it is, without manipulating it, and to develop more rational strategies for dealing with it most effectively. Instead of passive acceptance, it allows us to accept what is and overcome it.


4. Gratitude / Gratitude;

Perhaps one of the most effective human skills is to adapt to good or bad, beautiful or ugly, new or old. While this adaptive skill has helped keep our species alive for thousands of years, it also makes us very easy to get used to everything and treat it like a piece of cake. So, something that makes you very happy for a few days makes you quickly get used to it and not have a new feeling about it. Well, with everything we have, aren’t we being a little unfair? In fact, very simple, we just need to remind ourselves of some things without putting in extra effort.

If we are still healthy, simply because we are healthy, even if we have a disease, we still have a chance to fight and overcome it, if our loved ones are with us, we must remember to be grateful that they have we are. John Kabat Zin, pioneering psychologist known for his mindfulness research; “Whatever your situation, as long as you breathe, you’re fine.” He speaks. It may be necessary to be aware again and again of what is presented to us in the Moment, using only the breath as an anchor.

Psychologist Hande Anadolu

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