42 thousand 500 people of personnel and workers will be recruited to the Ministry of Health

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The Ministry of Health will hire 30 thousand medical workers, 11 thousand 317 workers and 1183 contract employees. The recruitment announcement for a total of 42,500 workers and personnel was published in the Official Gazette. Of the 30,000 contracted medical workers, 15,537 will be medical secretaries and 5,831 will be nurses. The conditions for recruiting personnel from the Ministry of Health were also announced. Here are the details of the latest news

The recruitment announcement for the staff of the Ministry of Health was published in the Official Gazette. According to the announcement, the Ministry of Health will hire 11,317 permanent workers, 30,000 contract medical workers and 1,183 contract workers. Applications for recruitment will be submitted from November 28 to December 2. Applicants will choose between November 30 and December 5 to recruit 30,000 medical workers.

According to the announcement, 580 cleaners, 3,559 security guards (unarmed), 791 clinical support staff, 604 admission and referral officers, 275 electricians, 188 house painters, 121 carpenters, 284 heating and plumbing technicians will be hired in the provincial will be recruited 11,317 permanent employees , including 261 computer system installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting staff, and 154 biomedical device technology support staff.

Applications will be submitted online from 28 November to 2 December at the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) “esube.iskur.gov.tr”.

Since the type of services required and the use of professions will be decided at the provincial level, applications will take into account the addresses of persons registered in the “Address Population Registration System”. Each candidate will be able to apply for only one job (the province in which he will be employed) and one profession from the declared positions. 30,000 contract health workers and 1,183 contract workers will be recruited to work in the provincial service units of the Ministry of Health.

Of the 30,000 contracted medical workers, 15,537 will be medical secretaries and 5,831 will be nurses.

Contract personnel will be recruited through a centralized placement to be carried out by OSYM, in accordance with the results of the State Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS).

The KPSS-2022/11 Preference Guide will be published on the OSYM website, which includes contract staff positions that may be preferred at the secondary level, associate degree and bachelor’s degree, as well as application conditions.

Applicants will be able to make their selection between November 30 and December 5, according to the rules in the preference guide, by entering their TR ID and password on the ÖSYM website.

The distribution of positions of contract medical workers to be appointed, depending on their rank, industry, number and level of education is as follows:

Biologist 27 (USA), Child Development Specialist 98 (USA), Speech Therapist 41 (USA), Nutritionist 245 (USA), Midwife 1470 (USA), Physiotherapist 490 (USA), Nurse 4998 (USA), Nurse 833 (USA) ) ), Occupational Therapist (Occupational Therapist) 28 (BSc), Audiologist 25 (BSc), Perfusionist 25 (BSc), Psychologist 245 (BSc), Medical Physicist 32 (USA), Medical Anesthetist Technician 79 (Secondary Education), Medical Hygiene Technician Environment Technician 15 (Secondary Education), Emergency Medical Technician 520 (Secondary Education), Medical Laboratory Technician 69 (Secondary Education), Radiology Technician (Secondary Education) 89, Forensic Medicine Technician 23 (Associate Degree), Medical Technician Dental Oral Health 304 (Junior), Medical Technician of Surgery 147 (Junior), Medical Technician of Anesthesia 460 (Junior), Medical Technician of Environmental Health 83 (Junior), Medical Technician of Dental Prosthetics 98 (Junior) Health Dialysis Technician 126 (Junior), Paramedic Pharmacist 196 (Junior), Electroneurophysiology Medical Technician 25 (Junior), Home Care Medical Technician 490 (Junior), Physiotherapy Medical Technician 177 (junior degree), first aid and emergency medical technician 1098 (junior degree), occupational therapy medical technician 49 (junior degree), laboratory medical technician 421 (junior degree), audiometry medical technician 114 (junior degree), orthopedic medical technician 129 (Junior Degree), Pathological Anatomy Medical Technician 49 (Junior Degree), Radiation Therapy Medical Technician 27 (Junior Degree), X-Ray Medical Technician 499 (Associate Degree), Medical Technician, Medical Secretary 15537 (Associate Degree) ), Elderly Care Medical Technician 490 (Associate Degree), Social Worker 89 (Bachelor), Total: 7813 (Bachelor), 20582 (Associate Degree) degree), 1605 (secondary education). ), Total amount: 30,000″.

The distribution of contract positions by rank, industry, number and level of education is as follows:

Office personnel 400 (USA), statistician 38 (USA), computer engineer 70 (USA), biomedical engineer 116 (USA), environmental engineer 15 (USA), electrical/electronics engineer 10 (USA), process engineer 24 (U.S.), civil engineer 27 (undergraduate), driver 483 (high school), total: 700 (undergraduate), 483 (high school), total: 1183.

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