5 bad habits that ruin your sleep!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – According to the National Institutes of Health, not getting enough sleep can impair the immune system and brain function, increasing the risk of certain diseases and disorders, as well as exacerbating rates of mental illness and various mood disorders.

UK National Health Service surgeon and millions of social media followers. Karan Rajan shared a list of five things that ruin your sleep.

1. Eat before bed

Eating large amounts of food before bed can ruin your sleep and increase the chance of midnight indigestion.

Dr. “It takes 90 minutes for 50% of your stomach to empty into the small intestine, so the fuller your stomach, the more likely it is acid reflux,” Rajan said.

Instead, the doctor suggested waiting two to three hours to sleep after a large meal.

2. Drink water before bed

You might want to think again about putting a large bottle of water on your nightstand. Dr. Rajan said that during sleep, the body increases production of the hormone ADH, which “retains water and suppresses the need to urinate.”

“If you drink a lot of water before bed, it can suppress the production of the ADH hormone, so you urinate more, wake up more, and this disrupts your sleep,” the doctor continued.


If you want to rest, it is very important to stay cool. Body temperature usually peaks at 7:00 pm, then drops and leads to lethargy. However, if your room or bed is too hot, it can disrupt the natural cycle.

Basically, your body needs to be cooler in order to sleep faster.


Dr. Rajan advised not to drink alcoholic beverages before bed as it can affect the quality of your sleep.

“Alcohol disrupts your REM sleep,” he explained, “that’s the stage of the sleep cycle where you dream, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Drinking often makes us “pass out” quickly and then causes us to stay longer in the first phase of REM, thus disrupting our sleep cycle and waking up at odd hours of the night.

5. Late caffeine intake

Dr. Rajan recommends cutting down on caffeine a few hours before meals. He explained that caffeine can block a neurotransmitter called adenosine, a molecule that makes you feel tired.

“Caffeine doesn’t make you more alert, it just makes you feel less sleepy because it inhibits the accumulation of the sleep molecule,” the doctor added.

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