5 health benefits of fasting

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Fasting is an important process that speeds up the metabolism, calms the work of the organs, finds the balance of the body, and most importantly, the liver is updated the fastest. Positive changes in this special rhythm of the body through healthy food choices bring additional benefits to our body and support a healthy fasting period. Detoxification mechanisms work hard and ensure the slow removal of harmful toxins accumulated in organ circles, body fluids and tissues. These beneficial effects are achieved by the fact that small amounts of nutrients taken from natural foods, eaten only during dinner and suhoor, are used or accumulated during prolonged fasting. In other words, the body maintains its normal balance through physiological adaptation that balances the biochemistry of the whole blood of the liver and pancreas, which are metabolized during a short period of food intake and a long period of fasting.

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