5 planets in line with the “Moon” – News Detail

This event, which can be observed with the naked eye for several days, has been described as a “parade of the planets”.

This sequence, which was visible in the sky after sunset last night, was more clearly visible in clear weather and away from city lights.

As we remember, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn met in a rare planetary conjunction last summer.

According to BBC News, NASA astronomer Bill Cook said that in order to see these planets line up, you need to look west from the horizon just after sunset anywhere on Earth.

Astronomer Jake Foster of the Greenwich Royal Observatory in England said such alignments are unique to our view of Earth. “However, in the sky, they are close enough that we can see them together, although rarely,” he said.

Dan Pye from the Kielder Observatory, located near the UK-Scotland border, observes this rare phenomenon.

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