5 Signs You’re Hopeless and Chronically Depressed

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Being happy can seem so easy. Despair also carries anxiety about predicting the future and is associated with pessimism. Hopelessness and pessimism create a chronic state of depression. It is believed that people can be satisfied even with little things. However, if you can no longer enjoy life, your happy moments are very rare, and you cannot find your former joy, you may be chronically unhappy. Here are the details on the psychology of despair and the DESPECT article…

What do you do when you’re completely hopeless?

Many of the things you do without realizing it can lead to you being drawn into chronic unhappiness. In the news quoted by cnn’turk: ​​In this article, you can find the habits and behaviors that cause chronic unhappiness.

How to overcome despair?

1- CONTINUED Spend time at home

As a general rule, if you want to spend most of your time at home alone, you can decrease your chances of happiness.

People feed their souls by communicating. It increases the enjoyment when you are talking, listening or participating in fun activities. Living all the time in the corner of your house and not talking to anyone can be one of the main reasons for your unhappiness.

Notice when adversity starts making you antisocial and forcing yourself to go out and interact with people.


Life is difficult for everyone. To survive and live your life well, you will have to face all the difficulties.

Unhappy people often think that life is difficult and develops beyond their control. Behind this thought lies a great sense of helplessness. Everyone can feel bad from time to time. However, constantly thinking that you are a victim prevents you from being satisfied with your life.


At certain times in your life, you inevitably have negative thoughts about your future.

A pessimistic approach and negative thoughts also affect your mood. You always expect something bad to happen.
Pessimistic thoughts keep you from seeing the beauty in your life. In this case, if you are drawn into misfortune. It is not easy to get rid of these pessimistic thoughts without realizing how illogical they are.


If you want to be happy and feel good, you need to develop. Try to improve by being open to innovation and following all the innovations.

You cannot be happy waiting for life to move forward on its own. You need to set goals, learn and explore. You will not be able to discover the beauty of life if you just stand and go on living.


Happy people struggle to overcome problems. When they make a mistake, they easily admit it.

On the other hand, unhappy people often try to ignore their problems. They only exacerbate their problems and offer no solutions.

If you don’t take action to fix the problem, the problem will grow and you will start to think that it is out of control. As a result, you will drag yourself into unhappiness that you cannot get rid of.

The hopelessness test was designed to measure people’s level of hopelessness about the future.

What is a hopeless person to do? Briefly:

A guide to overcoming feelings of hopelessness

Focus on the present, don’t try to predict the future.
You are not alone.
Let people who want to be with you.
Your thoughts are your reality.
If you want different results, start doing other things.
Remember that you will come out of this situation stronger.

Hopelessness, 5 Important Symptoms of Chronic Unhappiness

depression mood swings,

1- Unwillingness, lack of enjoyment of life, insomnia,

2- pessimism,

3- Inability to concentrate, silence

4- Forgetfulness,

5- Feeling of unreasonable guilt,

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