550 grams of stone was removed from the bladder.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Hayrettin Gultekin went to the Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Hospital (CHOMU) with complaints of burning during urination and abdominal pain. As a result of examinations, 20 stones were found in Gultekin’s bladder, the smallest of which were 3-5 centimeters in size. After removing the stones with the help of the operation, Gultekin recovered.

According to news at the DHA, ÇOMÜ Faculty of Medicine member and director of the Organ Transplant Center prof. Dr. Kabir Alan said: “We immediately took Hairettin Bey to surgery. His abdomen was attached because he had previously undergone bowel surgery. Here we have removed 20 stones through a 2 cm incision. Our patient is on the 3rd day of surgery. Today we are writing it out. These were the largest stones we have ever mined here. When we weighed him, we saw that he weighed 550 grams. It was 9 inches in diameter,” he said.

Alan continued: “When we look at world literature, stones of this size are not very common. This is a rare occurrence. Hairettin Bey recovered. He will be able to comfortably urinate like normal people.”

Khairettin Gultekin said: “When I got to the hospital, I had big problems. I was very surprised to see that the stones were removed after the operation. I did not expect such a situation,” he said.

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