83,000 out of 1.8 million pilgrims arrived from Turkey – News Details

ISTANBUL (IGFA) –According to the statement of the Statistical Institute of Saudi Arabia, while 184 thousand 130 people were pilgrims from the country, 346 thousand 214 people from Arab countries, 1 million 56 thousand 317 people from Asia, 221 thousand 863 people from Africa, 36 thousand people from Europe. , America, Australia and others. 521 people made a pilgrimage to the holy land.

Hajj was performed by 83,430 people from Turkey.

1 million 593 thousand 271 pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia from abroad by air, 60 thousand 813 by land and 6 thousand 831 by sea.

Among the total number of domestic and foreign pilgrims, the number of male pilgrims reached 969,694, and the number of female pilgrims reached 875,351.


The 2023 Hajj was photographed from different angles by Turkish photographer Cem Iskender Ozbali.

The photographs received wide coverage in the world press.

The photographs taken from Mecca and Medina, where about 2 million Muslims go to perform the Hajj, were widely appreciated by the world press.

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