A natural fungus that matches the fungus Cordyceps militaris.

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Experts who stumbled upon a zombie mushroom in the Samandira forest in Istanbul as a result of long-term research explained the unknown of the mushroom, which has a medicinal aspect. Mycologist Selime Semra Erol explained that the mushroom stops bladder swelling and is useful for many things, such as increasing daily energy levels and speeding up metabolism.

There are various legends, he became famous with The Last Of Us series! A rare species seen in Istanbul: useful in many diseases.

Natural mushroom researcher Naim Gülech, who stumbled upon cordyceps marijuana in the Samandira Forest in Istanbul after a long study, and mycologist Selime Semra Erol, who conducts academic research on medicinal mushrooms, spoke about unknown facts about zombie mushrooms that have a healing aspect.

Erol, who is continuing his doctoral research on medicinal mushrooms at Duzce University and has been conducting academic research on medicinal mushrooms, their production and medicinal effects for the past five years, said that Cordyceps has been an important part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. to its pharmacological properties and that the mushroom family to which it belongs is over 400 years old. He said that it is the genus with the most varieties with its species.

Stating that each species of fungus in the genus Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus belonging to different insects, caterpillars and pupae of pine processions, Erol said: “What makes this fungus important is that it has been used as a source of healing in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. . years”. said.

Claiming that Cordyceps militaris, a fungus that grows in the highlands of the Himalayas and Tibet, is eaten especially in India and China, and that the Cordyceps substance it contains is the most important, Erol said it has been proven to inhibit proliferation and migration. In addition, this medicinal mushroom contains active substances and compounds used in the treatment of kidney and liver diseases. used phrases.

While stating that mushrooms belonging to the genus Cordyceps are used in traditional Chinese medicine, among other things, as a daily remedy to increase energy levels and speed up metabolism, Erol said that the three runners who broke 5 world records in the 1500, 3000 and 10 thousand meters in 1993 National Games in Beijing, China received Cordyceps sinensis.He said he appeared.

Stating that the discovery of Cordyceps militaris in Turkey is very pleasing to mushroom researchers, Selime Semra Erol stated that she is trying to obtain mycelium from mushroom samples she has collected and that her research on the internal production of this species is ongoing.

Naim Gülech, a natural mushroom researcher who said he devoted himself to the discovery of mushrooms, said that more than 2,500 mushrooms have been discovered in Turkey to date, that he has found more than 1,000 of these mushrooms in the forests, and that he has the ability to research, study and identify them along with their Latin scientific names. He said he tried 219 mushrooms in terms of experiments.

Stating that the most interesting of these mushrooms is Cordyceps militaris, Naim Gülech said, “I have had a mushroom adventure for about twenty years. I have been looking for this mushroom in the forests for many years and when I read in a foreign source that it has a connection with the pine processor beetle, I went to the forests to look for the pine processor beetle, which is a pine pest on pines. . In 2015, I finally found the Cordyceps militaris mushroom in Istanbul’s pine forests, as sources say the fungus comes to the surface in cold weather. Then the mycologist Assoc. Dr. I sent it to Ilgaz Akata. Scientific article published in 2016. said.

Gülech stated that although it is a small fungus, it can be easily spotted when walking due to its red color, and that it should be looked for in areas where pine trees are infested with pine processor beetles.

Explaining that this fungus feeds on the pupal stage of the pine procession insect that it affects when it is a caterpillar, Gülech explains that it emerges from its shell, which turns into a cocoon after killing the insect, which goes underground, at the appropriate temperature . and conditions are set, that is, when the season comes.

Gülech stated that in The Last of Us, which is currently streaming on a digital platform, the scenario of the end of the world is due to the Cordyceps fungus causing a new epidemic that turns people into zombies, and the possible reason for this is that this fungus captures arthropods, like the pine procession beetle.

Gülech said: “It is believed that the utopia that Cordyceps mushrooms will take over the nervous system of people and turn them into zombies. This is not scientifically possible. Cordyceps mushrooms cannot develop above 25 degrees. Therefore, it is out of the question that this fungus develops, colonizes the body and causes any harm to humans or other mammals at a body temperature of 37 degrees. In fact, cordyceps is a mushroom with a medicinal aspect. I also collect it regularly every year and drink tea from it. It can also be cooked.” He said.

Stating that anyone can find and harvest the Cordyceps militaris mushroom in the cold weather conditions during the winter months, Gülech said: “They can consume tea in the context of preventive medicine. Because this mushroom has antitumor and similar properties. I recommend everyone to explore, find and experience.” said.

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