A new name has been announced for EYT members whose trials never end!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – EYT members who had waited years for their age grievances to end were all but wiped out when the government extended the insurance period. After this scandalous decision, the names of EYT members were changed to EPT members.

Journalist Yumit Zileli wrote in his column today about the endless suffering of EYT members. In his Korkusuz column, he said: “Have you ever been with EYT or EPT!” Umit Zileli, speaking under the name of EYT, stated that only the names of EYT victims were changed as a result of the EYT arrangement made by the government in hopes of gaining votes.


Zileli said the government was proud to announce the EYT regulation and this time the requirement for bonus days has been increased to 5,975 days.

Declaring that the new name of the victims of EYT in Zileli is EPT, “The government, which prides itself on delivering this happy news to millions of people who are happy to be rid of the so-called retirement age, has extended the insurance period instead! Yes, you read that right, the name of the EYT member has also changed: – Now they will be called EPT members … So, those who received Prime in Retire! He wrote.

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