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SHAFAQNA TURKEY-AK Deputy Chairman of the Party Group Mustafa Elitash announced that a decision has been made to suspend the work of the Turkish Grand National Assembly until February 28 with the consent of the political parties. Making a post on his Twitter account, Elitash said: “Due to the fact that most of our MPs are in the earthquake zone, it has been decided to suspend the parliament until February 28, 2023, with the consent of our political parties. Get well soon, my Turkey,” he said.

And EIT?

In meetings held at the SEP, it became known that although some staff members made proposals to postpone EYT, some staff members stated that they could not return from here. According to the Hürriyet newspaper; It is planned to start the work of the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which is scheduled to open on February 28, first with the discussion of the draft law on the Turkish Archeology and Cultural Heritage Foundation, structuring, and then the regulation of the EYT.

Accounts changed at EYT: New first pay date

EYT usually went into effect in February, with citizens scheduled to receive their first paychecks in March. However, after the Assembly was suspended due to the earthquake, attention turned to when EYT members would receive their pay. Speaking to Hürriyet, AK party officials said, “Usually it would have been accepted in March, but the process was interrupted due to the earthquake,” and said, “EYT will not be delayed, it will be released. The decision for April was considered, in March it will not pay off, it will be until April. We expect him to come to the General Assembly in March,” he said.

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