“After Cerrahpaşa Medicine, a decision was made to evacuate the state hospital Kağıthane”

SAFAKNA, TURKEY. Health and education services in the buildings of Istanbul-Cherrahpasa University in Fatih were stopped due to the earthquake risk situation in the buildings. Rector Nuri Aydin said: “17 different buildings, including all internal and surgical sciences, as well as the Uğur Derman building, the canteen building and the student residence buildings, have been found to be at risk. With the exception of the Emergency Department and Pediatrics, outpatient and inpatient appointments and all operations have been suspended.

After yesterday’s development, another great decision was made. It was decided to relocate the state hospital to Kagytkhane on the grounds that it is not earthquake resistant. It is reported that the hospital will be evacuated in the near future.

The decision was communicated to the hospital staff. To date, the situation is explained to the patients who came. The medical staff of the hospital will work at the Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Hospital in Seyrantepe. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said, “Our Kağıthane Public Hospital in Istanbul will continue to operate by moving to our Seyrantepe Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Teaching and Research Hospital.” made a statement.

Rector Nuri Aydın, speaking in the building of the Amphitheater of Internal Medical Sciences of Istanbul Cherrahpasa University, said: “After the recent earthquakes, our administration appointed a committee at the beginning of last week, consisting of teachers from the faculty of civil engineering of our university. to assess our reinforced concrete building stock, and all buildings on the Cerrahpaşa campus were assessed. As a result of the assessment, it was found that the Monoblock building complex, which consists of 17 separate buildings, including all internal and surgical departments, as well as the Ugur Derman building, the dining room building and the student hostel buildings, does not have a security system. level for the safe performance of the service, and these buildings carry risks. For this reason, the closed area of ​​about 105,000 square meters, which is the main structure of the Cherrahpasha Faculty of Medicine, will not be able to continue its work.” He said.

After Cerrahpaşa Medicine, a decision was made to evacuate the state hospital Kağıthane.

The rector also said: “In this regard, at the moment, with the exception of the department of emergency and pediatric medical care and diseases, the following units will be deactivated: a total of 800 beds, 32 operating rooms, intensive care, bone marrow and dialysis. departments of internal and surgical departments, a liver and kidney transplant center, 117 outpatient departments and departments, an advanced robotic surgery center, endoscopy departments, advanced interventional and diagnostic imaging departments, and all adult outpatient and inpatient receptions and all operations have been stopped.

Stating that negotiations were held to continue the activities of the closed sections, Aydın said: “Cherrahpaş Faculty of Medicine will continue its activities in a closed area of ​​about 75,000 square meters, consisting of steel building structures, historical registered structures and reinforced concrete structures that are not unsafe . These areas will be rehabilitated in a short time and outpatient services will resume in Cherrahpasa, albeit to a limited extent. Emergency medical services, medical oncology and radiation oncology will continue to the extent possible. Outpatient and inpatient child health and disease services will not be affected by this situation and will continue to operate. The necessary measures are being taken in communication with the relevant institutions so that our patients are least affected by this situation. Due to this developing emergency in Yesilköy, which is close to the Cherrappasa campus in terms of transportation and coordination, for the smooth continuation of the educational and medical services of the Cherrapash Faculty of Medicine, prof. Dr. Necessary negotiations have been held on the temporary use of the Murat Dilmener Emergency and Disaster Hospital in accordance with the purpose of its construction for the use of the Cherrahpasha Faculty of Medicine.” said.

Aydın continued: “As you know, a similar situation happened in our other private hospital, the Haseki Institute of Cardiology Hospital, which operates completely independently from the Faculty of Medicine of our University of Cherrahpasa, and outpatient and inpatient services were stopped 2 weeks ago for the reasons I just mentioned. For this hospital, the related services and angioblocks of the Bahçelievler State Hospital have been requested from the relevant authorities for temporary use, as well as an additional service building of the Istanbul Physiotherapy Training and Research Hospital, which is located in the same area.

Aydın said: “As you know, I would like to share with you that we have reached an important milestone in the New Cerrahpaşa project, which has been on the public agenda for a long time. The construction of the hospital buildings of the first stage, which will consist of a closed area of ​​about 220,000 square meters, was announced by TOKİ about a month ago, and the tender will take place on February 28, 2023, that is, tomorrow. News

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