After diesel, there is a big increase in gasoline.

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and Brent oil prices also directly affect fuel prices.

Gasoline is expected to rise by 2 Turkish lira on Tuesday after diesel rose by 1 lira and 55 cents yesterday.

President last week Recipe Tayyip ErdoganThe SCT amounts were defined as an increase of 5 liras for petrol and diesel and 4 liras for liquefied petroleum gas. By decision; The SCT, which was 2.52 TL per liter of petrol, rose to 7.52 TL, while the SCT, which was 2.05 TL for diesel, increased to 7.05 TL.

The price of gasoline in Istanbul is 34.03 lira, and the price of diesel fuel is 33.92 lira.

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