After regulation by EYT, salaries and promotions in banks are curious.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – With EYT regulation, 2,250,000 people will retire first. It is expected that the incentives that will be received by the recently retired will reach 10 to 15 thousand lire.

The agreement was signed between the Social Security Institution and the banks on November 1, 2022. According to this protocol, the shares are as follows:

Pay increase protocol

Wage promotion
3.500 TL 3.000 TL
3.500 – 7.500 TL 3.500 TL
TL 7.500 – 10.000 TL 4.500
10.000 TL and above 5.000 TL

However, these figures, determined by the protocol, are the minimum amount. Banks can increase the number of shares in accordance with their applications.

Those who want to keep their salary must notify the bank. Notifications can be made at bank branches or through the “Electronic Government”. Retirees and beneficiaries must apply for a bank incentive payment and sign a commitment that they will remain in the bank for 3 years at the same time.

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