After the fuel increase, the shipping cost is 3 lira per kilogram.

SAFAKNA, Türkiye. Costs in the transport sector are rising after rising fuel prices. TESK chairman Bendevi Palandöken demanded that merchants in the transport sector be provided with commercial fuel.

Speaking from Saigi Ozturk of Sözcü, according to the calculations made by Yalım regarding the transport costs of carriers, the price per kilogram was 2.90 Turkish lira, even if the product was purchased for free, only until it arrived from Antalya to Istanbul.

Products that go out of the field are also added to broker-dealer fees, VAT, and citywide shipping costs, as well as seller profits.

One way 6 thousand 240 lira

Claiming that the distance between Antalya and Istanbul is about 800 kilometers, and 1,600 kilometers on the way back, Yalım made the following calculation with truckers carrying groceries: “A truck or lorry with a carrying capacity of 20 tons of vegetables, called a centipede, burns approximately 40 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. This car burns 320 liters of diesel fuel for 800 kilometers from Antalya to Istanbul. When we calculate by the price of diesel fuel in Antalya, the cost of a single shipment between Antalya and Istanbul is approximately 6,240 Turkish Lira.”

Cost per kilogram 2.90 TL

Yalym noted that when the toll, bridge and daily driver and collection expenses are added to this, the cost of a one-way trucker is 11,088 Turkish lira, and continued his explanation as follows: “If we add the profit of a trucker, taxes payable and operating costs to these costs, it comes to approximately 29 thousand Turkish liras at a time. The cost of the round trip is 58,000 thousand Turkish lira. For a car carrying 20 tons, 1 kilogram of the product is transported for 2 lira 90 cents between Antalya and Istanbul. In other words, even if you buy 10 kilograms of watermelon for free in Antalya, you will have to pay 29 lira for 10 kilograms of watermelon when it becomes Istanbul, excluding the cost of transportation from the city to the seller.”

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