All OSB plants in Gaziantep are ready for production

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Gaziantep industrialists, who began to heal the wounds of the victims of the earthquake with a force of 7.7 and 7.6 points, the epicenter of which is in the Pazardzhik and Elbistan regions of Kahramanmarash and affected 10 provinces, on the one hand, opened the doors of their factories to the townspeople, on the other hand, they produced and distributed hot food to the townspeople living in different places. As time passed, a report was prepared that all factories in the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone were inspected by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and that they can operate at the facilities.

“Food is produced for earthquake victims”

In a statement on the matter, Gaziantep OIZ President Cengiz Simsek said that after two major earthquakes, all industrialists opened their factories from the first day to the citizens affected by the earthquake and ensured that their basic needs were met. Shimshek explained that industrialists produce food in canteens and deliver it to our citizens both in Gaziantep and nearby provinces, and continued, “Our industrialists, on the other hand, continue to contribute to meeting their basic needs. All of our OSB plants survived this disaster without any damage.

All factories in OIZ were inspected by officials from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and a “workable report” was provided for all factories in Gaziantep OIZ. The energy and other needs of all our factories in the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone have been met and all our factories are ready for operation and production.

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul also called on his social media account that citizens whose houses are not damaged or slightly damaged can enter your houses. To date, many of our industrial enterprises have launched their facilities and started production.”

“We will meet the needs of the domestic market”

Shimshek said that while industrialists are trying to heal the wounds of the victims of the earthquake, they must produce many products that will be needed in the coming period and will contribute to the economic strengthening of our country.

In the coming period, all our factories will start production and, first of all, will produce products needed in the domestic market. We wish God’s mercy to our citizens who died in this catastrophe, and we wish a speedy recovery to our wounded. We will bandage our wounds together,” he said.

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