Amazing health study from British BBC

SHAFAKNA TURKEY – The British media organization BBC recently published a comprehensive news report on health tourism, which is very common among the British.

In the news, published after extensive research and media interviews, it was stated that weight loss operations are particularly popular. Sharing details of operations to remove 70 percent of the stomach by applying gastritis cuffs, the BBC also reported that 7 people who traveled from England for this operation have died.

It was also stated that there was a long wait in the British healthcare system for this operation and that many British citizens traveled to Turkey and had the operation due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira. It was noted that many British citizens have had the operation in other countries with the support of advertising on social networks.

Stating that before/after photos and videos on social media had a big impact, the BBC said the woman she introduced as Cathy had the surgery in 2021 but remained in hospital for a year in England due to complications. Later.

In an interview with the BBC, Kathy said: “It was the worst mistake I have ever made in my life. It ruined my life,” he said. Noting that the BBC had been collecting data on the matter for months, the British doctors told the media: “Patients who go to Turkey for surgery are having serious complications and we are treating an increasing number of patients.”

BBC News “Dr. One of the British patients who landed at Newcastle Airport from Turkey is being treated saying he is very ill, according to Sean Woodcock. While it is not officially known how many people have traveled to Turkey for surgery, the BBC has reported that since 2019, 7 British citizens have died after surgery.

It was also stated that one of these people was 25-year-old Joe Thornley. Thornley’s father, Mick, stated that he received a call from Turkey saying that his son’s blood pressure had dropped and he was having a heart attack. However, an autopsy performed after Thornley’s body was brought to England showed that the young man had died of internal bleeding during surgery.


Mick Thornley also said that he called the doctor who performed the operation, but received no answer.

The BBC news emphasized that the appointment for such operations is carried out via WhatsApp within a few minutes and the price is 2,000 British pounds, while reminding that such operations in England cost about 10,000 British pounds. On the other hand, it has been stated that there are no criteria for surgery.

Contacting some clinics in Turkey, the BBC said: “Some clinics wanted patients to gain weight for this treatment. Only then did he say that they would be ready for the operation.”

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