An increase of 18.6% for civil servants and 17.5% for pensioners.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The 5-month consumer price index published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) shows that the New Year’s increase, which will be made for retired civil servants and civil servants, workers, merchants and retired farmers, will be far below the real cost of living. Inflation rises to about 3 percent in December, and unless the extra surcharge is granted in an election year, civil servants and retired civil servants will have to settle for a dwarf 18.6 percent pay increase, and retired workers, merchants, and farmers. at a rate of 17.5 percent.


According to TUIK, over the past 5 months since July, consumer prices have increased by 14.05 percent. In July, civil servants and pensioners of civil servants were increased by 7 percent without taking into account the difference in inflation. According to the calculation methodology of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, civil servants and civil servants will receive an inflationary difference of 6.6 percent over the last 5 months. This difference, which shows that salaries and pensions have melted even under the conditions of TUIK inflation, which does not measure the real subsistence level, will not be paid immediately, but with an addition to the collective agreement, which is to be made in the new year. If inflation increases by 3 percent in December, 6-month inflation will rise to 17.5 percent. Thus, the inflationary difference between civil servants and pensioners will increase to 9.8 percent. In addition to the difference in inflation, the overall increase rate will remain at 18.6 percent, with an 8 percent collective bargaining bonus for civil servants and pensioners. The pensions of workers, merchants and pensioners will be increased by 6 months, that is, by 17.5 percent.

Election increase expected

At the beginning of this year, civil servants and pensioners of civil servants were given an additional allowance of 5 points, not counting the inflation difference plus the collective agreement allowance. Over the past period, it has become very difficult to earn a living with a salary that is decreasing day by day. Given the election year and the excessive increase in cost, a high rate of additional increase is expected to take place next year given the increase in the minimum wage. It is argued that it will not be a surprise if the growth rate exceeds 30 percent.

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