An offer for civil servants and pensioners is under development

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Plan and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly is discussing the SEP Law on Social Security and General Health Insurance, certain laws and Law No. 375 amending the Legislative Decree. The 9-point proposal stipulates that civil servants and pensioners will be raised by 30 percent, the minimum pension will be increased from 3,500 lira to 5,500 lira, and the minimum wage will be supported by the employer. increased from 100 lira to 400 lira.

In addition, due to erroneous transactions for part-time payments due to the coronavirus pandemic, the services of the insured in the Social Security Institution (SGK) will be put into operation.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final cannot be hosted in Turkey. For this organization, tax incentives were granted to some institutions at that time. This exemption will be granted in the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final.


SEP Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitash briefed the commission on the cost of increasing civil servants and pensioners. Elitash said the impact of the 9-point package on the budget would be 300 billion liras. Elitash added that minimum wage support will be calculated on a 6-month basis, while other items will be calculated on an annual basis.

According to the impact analysis of the Elitash Commission’s proposal; The cost of increasing the minimum pension from 3,500 liras to 5,500 liras is 21.9 billion liras. The cost of raising pensions by 30 percent is 131.5 billion liras. The cost of increasing the minimum wage support from 100 lira to 400 lira is 17.1 billion lira. The cost of raising the salaries of civil servants by 30 percent is 128.4 billion liras. The value of the VAT and corporate tax exemption for the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final is 230 million lire. The total value of the proposal to the public was estimated at 299 billion 130 million lire.

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