Anchovy season is over – Last Minute Turkey & World News

SHAFAQN TURKEY – Anchovy season in Düzce is over. Instead of ice anchovies sold on the shelves, the townspeople turned to horse mackerel, red mullet, bluefish, yellowwing, blue whiting, sea bream and perch.

Anchovy, which is caught in the Black Sea, has been replaced by other types of fish. The townspeople headed for horse mackerel, red mullet, bluefish, yellowfly, blue whiting, sea bream and sea bass.

Fisherman Tunjay Kılıç said: “Now the anchovies are finished. We can say that it’s all over because there is very little of it and it’s not enough. It ended on time.

In any case, there were not so many of them this year. It was already very difficult for acorn and anchovy to be together. Bonito had a very productive season.

So it wasn’t like that. It was a little more. Banned in the Sea of ​​Marmara. There are not so many anchovies in the Black Sea. It happens from time to time, but over time its time has run out.

At the moment, the anchovies on the shelves are anchovies from the glacier. Anchovies don’t come out of the sea so fresh,” he said.

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