Andrey Botikov, developer of the Russian coronavirus vaccine, his close friend died

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-RUSSIA Andrey Batikov, one of the developers of the Sputnik V vaccine at the National Research Center. Gamaleya, was strangled with a belt in his home by his close friend.

Andrey Botikov, 48, a Russian scientist who was one of 18 developers of the Sputnik V vaccine, was strangled to death with a belt in his northwest Moscow home.

Yulia Ivanova, deputy chairman of the Investigative Committee for Moscow, provided information about the murder and said that a 29-year-old man came to Andrey Botikov’s house and, as a result of a conversation between them, strangled the Russian scientist with a taken belt.

Ivanova added that the person who committed the murder admitted his guilt during interrogation, and that this person had a previous conviction for certain crimes.

After the murder, Russian forensic experts said: “The attacker was a friend of the scientist. After a verbal skirmish, a 29-year-old man grabbed Botikov from behind by the neck and strangled him with a belt, ”and told how the murder was committed.

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