Announced the full damage from the flood that occurred throughout Antalya!

SAFAKNA TURKEY- Expressing that the districts of Kumluca, Finike and Demre were affected by flooding, Kirishki emphasized that precipitation that could be called a “flood” had fallen.

Noting that meteorological warnings are important, at least to prevent loss of life, Kirisci said: “We are all happy that there were no casualties in this incident. As always with regard to material losses, our government shows all the will to comply with the requirements of this. he said.

“Our work will continue until life returns to normal”
Kirisky said:

“I want to state that our citizens should be comfortable in this regard. Production is carried out in greenhouses and under a canopy on a total area of ​​327 thousand hectares in Antalya. I would like to note that 40,000 ha are produced in Kumluca, 7,000 ha in Finike, and 17,000 ha in Demre. In Kumluca, greenhouse production on an area of ​​21 thousand hectares is carried out in 16 districts. 12 thousand hectares of land out of 21 thousand hectares were affected by the flood. In the Salur district of Kumluca, where 100,000 hives are used by beekeepers as winter quarters, a flood damaged a thousand hives belonging to 6 beekeepers.”

Asked how to take steps to make amends to farmers, Kirisci said:

“There are two types of farmers in the field. There is an insurance application that we call TARSİM, which has been in practice for 16 years, issuing policies for 9 different risk groups. Damages and losses incurred by those insured by TARSIM will be reimbursed through TARSIM. The list, which will be created after a preliminary and then final assessment of the damage of our citizens who do not have TARSİM insurance, is submitted to the Presidium. There, through the Main Directorate of Security, our citizens are assisted in case of loss and damage. If there are credit debts associated with other institutions, our works, such as postponing them or providing them with interest-free loans, will be put into practice.”

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