Announces Today Government’s Middle Income Housing Project

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – A new housing campaign for middle-income people has taken its final form. Minister of Finance and Finance Nureddin Nebati and Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Murat Kurum announced they would make a statement on the project today at 10:00 am.

Interest rates on home loans will remain below 1%.

In announcing the interest rates on loans that will be applied in the housing campaign for middle-income people, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati said: “Loan rates will be below 1 percent. As two ministries, we are taking action on housing prices. Our goal is first to secure housing purchases and secondly to support those who produce housing with our KGF package, which we will announce next week on Tuesday. The campaign will be quite strong.” said.

For how many years will the installments be paid?

In the Middle Income Social Housing project, maintaining the length of the interest payment period on the loan is on the agenda. An installment plan of 15 years is expected to be offered once the campaign is announced.

Privileges will be given to those who buy housing for the first time

One of the goals of the campaign is to make the needy homeowners. In this context, it is stated that benefits will be provided to those who become homeowners for the first time.

To do this, as in the social housing project, it is supposed to determine the condition of income limitation.

What is the collateral system that comes into play with the loan guarantee fund?

A separate part of the guarantee provided by the Credit Guarantee Fund to institutions and companies is also on the agenda.

It is expected that for those who will benefit from this campaign, a guarantee system with a credit guarantee fund will be activated.

A suretyship is one of the contracts for the purpose of providing a guarantee. The parties to the surety agreement are the creditor and the surety. In other words, the debtor under the guarantee agreement between the creditor and the guarantor is a foreigner: this is a contract that is different from the legal agreement between the debtor and the creditor.

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