Antitrust Agency Statement on ‘Red Meat’: Focus on Price Increases

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Birol Kühle made a written statement regarding the increase in the price of red meat. Noting that the price of red meat is one of the most important issues on the public agenda in recent times, Kuhle said: “Especially in the last few months, the price of red meat has risen significantly due to the high growth rate. This increase in the price of red meat, a staple food, is no doubt being closely watched by the Competition Authority, as well as other relevant government agencies. In fact, our institution has been operating in the red meat sector since 2022 and extensive investigations are currently underway against businesses and associations of businesses operating in this sector. In these analyses, which aim to thoroughly study the red meat market in such a way as to cover the whole of Turkey, both structural and regulatory issues of the sector are discussed, as well as the market behavior of enterprises and associations of enterprises in this sector.


Pointing out that investigations into the behavior of enterprises and associations of enterprises are focused on whether there is any entity in the market that violates the rules of competition, Kühle said: “In this context, whether competing enterprises have entered into an agreement that restricts competition, enterprise associations have decisions or actions to prevention of competition in the sector, and primarily assesses the presence or absence of anti-competitive behavior in the relations of large enterprises with retailers. Because such behavior, contrary to the rules of competition, can directly or indirectly lead to an increase in the price of red meat. If such actions are discovered that constitute a violation of the Law on Protection of Competition No. 4054, administrative fines of up to 10 percent of the turnover of enterprises may be imposed on the relevant enterprises. Our institution is extremely sensitive to increases in the price of red meat, which is an important part of the diet and budget of consumers, and continues its efforts to identify anti-competitive behavior in this sector and severely punish such behavior.”

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