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Let everyone hear / BURSA (IGFA) – Russia, which has often been on the agenda because of the war in Ukraine that has been going on for more than a year, has been shaken by the Wagnerian rebellion in recent days. Journalist Writer Ardan Zenturk publicly assessed the unrest in Russia.

Commenting on whether Russia will continue to fight Wagner at the front, writer-journalist Ardan Zentürk said: “With command documents found on a position captured during an operation carried out by Ukrainian forces on April 6 last year, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Wagner’s Recruitment of Militants It was envisaged that he would be in a new military structure that would supply resources to a professional army in exchange for a monthly salary of $2,200 from prisons, similar to how it was. Prigozhin and his team realized this situation. In fact, the main reason for Prigozhin’s campaign against Shoigu and Gerasimov from last April to this uprising is that the Russian Ministry of Defense went down the path of providing alternative personnel in this way.

Fighters of the Wagner type, which are directly subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, were distributed almost equally in all units in groups of 100 people. However, as far as we can see and from the information we have received, it is stated that this plan did not achieve the desired success. The fact that they were hastily armed, and those recruited with insufficient training were driven to the front, may be one of the reasons why they did not achieve the desired success. said.


Emphasizing that the said Wagner operation exposed Russia’s weakness, Zentürk said: “The famous Russian Spetsnaz Command Spetsnaz is not really a very effective force, and elements like Wagner have created a large military concentration in the Middle East and Africa. , this is the conditional command of the Russian special forces. It turned out that it was used as a more effective force than the army. In this context, I consider it impossible for Russia to abandon a Wagner-type company or group of companies at this stage of the war.

This company, namely Wagner, is also a company that operates in many strategic countries, especially in the Central African Republic, Sudan, Libya, Mali and Syria. In the Wagner disappearance scenario, there will be no Russian military presence in these countries. I believe that behind the scenes of such an easy release of Prigozhin without punishment, there are many different reasons. used his words.

In addition, Zentürk emphasized that the general assessment of the confusion is also important in terms of demonstrating the weakness of Russia’s traditional military identity.


Claiming that a quarter of Syria’s natural gas revenues are in Wagner’s hands, Zentürk recalled that five major oil export ports in the “Oil Crescent” region of Libya are also under Wagner’s control:

“Similarly, the Wagner Company is a force that, along with Sudanese General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, owns gold mines in Sudan and transfers the gold extracted from this mine to the United Arab Emirates and turns it into cash. The situation is similar with the gold and diamond mines of the Central African Republic and the recently discovered natural gas reserves in Mali. We must trust that Wagner will remain in this state for some time to come in a place where such an intricate network of economic relations exists.


Expressing his views on the course of the war in the short to medium term, Zentürk stated that an attacking Russian army would be easier to deal with than a Russian army on the defensive, and said: “Ukraine is currently facing such a test. He is opposed by the Russian army, which can drop 208 mines per minute on the field with mine launchers called GMZ-3. Ukrainian forces have been able to move forward, clearing 91,000 mines in the last 5 months alone. The large agricultural regions of Ukraine, located at the front, turned into a minefield. For this reason, this offensive, which we call the Ukrainian offensive, is taking longer than expected, and it is natural that it will continue.” He said.

In addition to this, journalist and writer Ardan Zentürk stated that the weaknesses experienced by the Russian army since the beginning of the operation persist, and that Russia has not yet reached an effective solution to these problems, this indicates that the military problems in Russia continue. When assessed from all sides, I believe that the time will come when the Russian army and, of course, political leader Putin will understand that this war cannot be sustained, for a maximum of 3-4 months.” said.

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