Are Turks and Muslims in the US satisfied with their lives? – News details

Ozlem OZGUT YOREKLI – / USA (IGFA) – Ahmet Donmez is an imam working for the federal government in the United States. The clergy serving the Muslim community living here either work for the federal state or work on a state basis. Since Imam Ahmet Donmez works under the federal government, he serves all the states.

For example, Imam Ahmet Donmez is appointed when a Muslim soldier needs religious support. Or for all Muslims in need, be it a hospitalized Muslim, a prisoner, and so on, Imam Ahmet Donmez provides support.

In order to become an imam in the United States, first of all, you need a higher education and knowledge of the English language. By making the necessary applications for this, you will be able to pass several exams and get a license.

Stating that religious freedoms and individual rights are highly respected in the US, Donmez said that Muslims here have iftar in mosques during Ramadan. Eid celebrations are held in the gardens of mosques after the Eid prayers. For children, playgrounds are equipped and catering is organized. Thus, the Muslim community is united.

If the garden of the mosque is not enough, permission can be obtained from the municipalities to use the parks, and festive events are organized in large public parks. Since mosques are also small, holiday prayers are performed in several fasts.

In other words, a Muslim community living abroad can practice their religion very comfortably in the US. Especially with the Islamophobic attacks that have taken place since the September 11 attacks, the US administration provides security by keeping the police at the gates if the mosques require it.

Donmez stated that they expect more than half of the population living in New York and New Jersey to be Muslim in recent times and that the Muslim population will no longer be a minority but a majority.

In Muslim regions in the US, adhan can be read aloud 5 times a day, as in Turkey. Not only Turks settled in this country, but also people from many Muslim countries. To do this, after submitting applications to the municipalities, the administration of the municipality receives approval in consultation with the residents of the district. If the majority agrees, the adhan can be recited aloud in the area.

In addition, as a result of applications submitted to the administration of schools and municipalities for the observance of religious holidays and even national holidays, special days, such as April 23, can become official and declared holidays.

Donmez, who also took the initiative to produce halal food in schools, said they are treated with great respect by US employees. He explained that after touching pork, they wash their hands without touching halal meat, although they understand little as a result of the training they provide.

The important question is to die abroad! Donmez issued an important warning to those who are hospitalized and have no relatives and savings! At the very least, provide the hospital with the phone number and name of someone you know. Because in the event of the death of these people, either they are buried in the cemetery of orphans, or they are cremated, and the ashes are taken out without fulfilling any religious obligations.

However, thanks to donations made by trusted clerics such as Imam Ahmet Donmez, the funds needed to transport the bodies to Turkey could be raised before the day is up. The Turkish people are in solidarity on this issue.

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