ASO President Ardych: “We will meet the staffing needs of our industrialists in an earthquake-prone region”

Seyit Ardych, Chairman of the Board of SHAFAQNA TÜRKİYE-ASO, said that the damage caused to the region after the earthquake caused both individual and social trauma. Ardych stated that people and aid are being sent to the disaster areas, and continued his words as follows:

“Help and support came to our country from many countries of the world. While the magnitude of the disaster seared our hearts in the cold winter, the greatness of cooperation and solidarity sustained our spiritual efforts and our efforts to do more. We, as the Ankara Chamber of Industry, have been and will continue to be with our citizens affected by the disaster, working together with all our members and professional committees to be a kind of remedy for our citizens who have been affected. affected by the earthquake in this complex process. As the Ankara Chamber of Industry, we quickly took action, and with the coordination of our 40 professional committee chairs in our Chamber, we immediately began our work to establish a “Container Life Center” in an area to be identified as an earthquake zone. As it became more difficult to sleep outside due to bad weather in the earthquake area, we, as ASO, launched a campaign to create a fully equipped residential center. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you and I am proud of all of you.”

“We will also experience the negative economic consequences of the earthquake”

ASO President Ardych said the quake would have a significant impact on macro balances in the region and said: “The most important consequences of such negative supply shocks are stagnation, primarily due to the downturn in production and inflation. We will experience the negative economic effects of the earthquake, which spread over a wide geographical area, as well as the sociological effect. More than 13 million people live in the 10 provinces hit by the quake, accounting for 15.7 percent of Turkey’s total population, according to official figures released. The 10-province region accounts for 10.1 percent of Turkey’s total gross domestic product, and 1.15 points of economic growth is accounted for by these 10 provinces. The region sells 8.5 percent of our exports. About 14.5% of agricultural value added comes from this region. Realizing 11.3 percent of manufacturing products, the region stands out mainly in the textile and metalworking industries. Early forecasts indicate that the earthquake caused a loss of up to 2 percent of our country’s total gross domestic product. Another study says that property damage could be as high as $84 billion. According to the magnitude of the damage detected, growth estimates are also adjusted downward after the earthquake,” he said.

“We are considering the possibility of meeting the personnel needs of our industrialists in a seismically hazardous zone”

Emphasizing that there are urgent and priority issues for the future of the country, the well-being and well-being of the people after the Kahramanmaras earthquake, President Ardych said: “The first of these is the rapid investigation and preparation for the earthquake and other natural disasters. catastrophes that will happen in the future. Although it is inevitable for us, as an earthquake-prone country, to encounter earthquakes, it is possible to prevent and minimize loss of life and damage. I would also like to emphasize the importance of introducing special, facilitating and supportive practices for real sector companies operating in earthquake-affected provinces in terms of rapid regional development in the post-earthquake recovery process. Another issue is that after the earthquake, a significant part of the workers left the earthquake zone because of the housing problem. It is very important for our country that our industrialists in the disaster zone can continue production. Many companies have either closed their factories due to labor shortages or continue to produce at very low capacity. In this regard, the housing problem of the region needs an urgent solution. Our government must create support mechanisms to meet the labor needs of the region. In this regard, as industrialists from Ankara, we are considering launching a campaign called temporary reverse migration and temporarily meeting the staffing needs of our industrialists in the earthquake zone.”

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