Attack on the consulate in New York! – News details / USA (IGFA) – The photo, posted by CHP New York spokesman Suat Günderen on his social media account, has deeply shocked Turkish-American society.

Curiosity arose as to why and by whom the attack was carried out in the days when votes were cast in the second round of the presidential election.

Günderen News “Good morning New York, we woke up to an unpleasant day. The treacherous attack on our Consulate General in New York took place around 03:00 at midnight. The perpetrator or perpetrators of the incident are under investigation. Let those who love their Motherland come,” he shared in a note.

According to the information received, the attack was carried out by only one person. The man was reported to have come from 2nd Avenue and lowered the windows of the consulate with sticks he took from a bag in his hand.

Although several unarmed officers attempted to intervene, the assailant, who responded with a stick in the same manner, was recorded to have fled after the incident.

In another post, Günderen also announced that the votes are safe and that no matter what, the voting process continues uninterrupted in all 7 ballot boxes.

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