Attention tea and coffee lovers!

SHAFAQNA TURKEY. With the onset of cold weather, many people are waiting for when they want to drink water! Not only that, he also increases his tea and coffee intake by saying “let me warm up” in cold weather. Moreover, he believes that tea and coffee can replace water! First of all, you should know that no liquid can replace water. Water consumption is vital. Make sure you drink enough water to keep your body functioning properly. After drinking tea and coffee, be sure to drink a glass of water.

Drinking tea and coffee are very popular hot drinks in our country. Because of all these mistakes, critical water intake is reduced, and many organs, from the kidneys to the heart, can be damaged from fluid loss, especially during the winter months.

Acıbadem Ataşehir Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Ayse Sena Burku gave the following information on the subject: “Because caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea consumed throughout the day have a diuretic effect, their excessive consumption causes fluid loss in the body. Drinking these drinks should be limited, without neglecting drinking a glass of water immediately after tea and coffee. You can calculate a person’s daily water requirement with the simple formula that drinking too much water is just as bad as drinking too little.


Drinking enough water every day is essential for the continuity of the body. Although not as much as during the summer months, the body also loses water during the winter through sweating, urine, physical activity, excessive consumption of protein and salty foods, and even breathing. Stating that fluid loss can occur through the respiratory tract in febrile illnesses, frequent in winter, and through the intestines in diarrhea, he stated that the balance of water in the body is of vital importance, and daily life habits must be added to sufficient water intake.


On average, 60 percent of an adult’s body is made up of water. As a result of insufficient water intake, conditions such as headache, weakness and confusion can occur. Stating that adequate water intake is critical for heart health, Ayşe Sena Burku said: “In case of excessive water loss, blood volume decreases, circulation cannot be sufficient, reflecting problems that may arise in the delivery of nutrients to tissues and organs. in the work of these bodies. Increased fluid loss (dehydration) can cause serious health problems, including stroke. Nutrition and diet specialist Ayse Sena Burku stated that the need for water consumption varies from person to person and said: “Daily required water intake; You can calculate it by simply multiplying your body weight (kg) by 30 ml. Darkening of the color of urine is a practical indicator that you are not meeting your daily water needs.


Emphasizing that water has numerous benefits for our body, nutrition and diet expert Ayse Sena Burku; He summarizes these benefits as follows: “Removal of waste products from the body, digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients to cells, blood circulation, healthy functioning of cells, tissues and organs, transport of oxygen to cells, healthy and elastic skin. , supporting metabolism, regulating body temperature. Useful water is indispensable for our body. For this reason, we should definitely include water in our daily lives, and we definitely should not wait until we are thirsty to drink water.”


On the other hand, Ayşe Sena Burcu stated that water consumption should not be memorized and that excessive water consumption can cause various problems, as well as less water consumption. These patients may have a problem with the excretion of water consumed in the urine. Water that cannot be excreted in the urine can accumulate in the body. This can cause shortness of breath and swelling. The daily rate of water consumption by such patients should be determined by physicians and regularly monitored. Not only in some diseases, but also in people who consume more than the norm of water intake, excess water consumption can be harmful to health. Drinking water in excess of what you need can lead to a deterioration in the functional activity of the body, overwork of the kidneys, a deterioration in the ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine due to a deterioration in the balance of sodium, potassium and other minerals in the body.


Stating that tea and coffee consumption can be overdone, especially on cold winter days, saying “I want to keep warm,” nutrition and diet specialist Ayse Sena Burku warned that this type of caffeinated drink causes fluid loss in the body due to their diuretic (diuretic) intake and said: Care must be taken to drink 1 glass of water each time immediately after drinking tea and coffee. Ayse Sena Burcu noted that those who have trouble drinking water can ease their water intake by adding fruit and vegetable pieces such as lemon-cucumber, apple-cinnamon pieces, pear-mint pieces and lemon-ginger to the water. can be made more enjoyable.


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