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SAFAKNA TURKEY –Emphasizing that those who do not sleep because of the fear of an earthquake, more serious disasters and injuries await, the head of the Department of Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine of Trakya University

The earthquakes caused great sadness and fear throughout the country. Claiming that people who survived a major disaster such as an earthquake and survived there may have trouble sleeping for various reasons, Prof. Dr. Levent Ozturk reminded that if this situation drags on for a long time, then it is absolutely necessary to get the support of an expert.

Various illnesses, such as trauma and stress disorders, can occur after earthquakes that cause deep sadness. Natural disasters such as earthquakes can cause both general fear in society and various traces and anxiety in people. Claiming that if I get caught in an earthquake, if I go to bed and go back to sleep, I might have difficulty falling or staying asleep due to fear. Ozturk stressed that one must be careful and not take this situation lightly. So let’s be careful.

Claiming that insomnia can be observed as a symptom of depressive mood or post-traumatic stress disorder, Prof. Öztürk said care must be taken to take sleep problems seriously, as earthquake survivors and those who lost as a result of an earthquake may experience feelings of loneliness, self-doubt, depression, or suicidal thoughts.

Stating that people suffering from sleep problems should consult a specialist and understand the cause, Prof. Ozturk stressed that the problem of insomnia will also affect a person’s health in the next life.

Claiming that sleep problems may be the cause of underlying depression or post-stress disorder, Prof. Dr. Ozturk said:

“When we look at research in the literature, we see interesting numbers. In a study in the 2000s, during a magnitude 8 earthquake that occurred in Shun Province of China, earthquake victims were followed for 10 years, and it was shown that after 10 years (insomnia) or complaints of insomnia in 20 seconds . It is also shown that after the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan, 5 years after the earthquake, complaints of insomnia account for about 35 percent. This is such a high number. In other words, PTSD occurs in almost one in five earthquake victims.

For this reason, the underlying cause must be identified when meeting with a psychiatrist or sleep specialist and the intervention must be carried out accordingly.

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