Queen in an orphanage in Togo!

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Abide Gülel, who is also a member of KOREV (Association of Adoptive Families), visited the Olki Kindergarten and Orphanage in the capital Lomé. Gülel, who distributed toys she brought from Turkey to the children, spent a lot of time with them. Gülel, whose name means “queen” in Togo, was welcomed by the … Read more

Last minute! Kilometer Zero Car Sales Review

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Ministry of Treasury and Finance, automotive launched an investigation into claims of stockpiling in the sector. According to TRT Haber news; The focus is on the 260,000 vehicles sold since September 2022. As part of the audit, detailed information on sales processes was requested from 13 distributors and 257 dealers. Question “Accessories” … Read more

It was announced that it is not true that BioNTech will leave Germany

It was announced that the statement of the newspaper SHAFAQNA TURKEY-German Bild that “BioNTech, the biotechnology company headquartered in Mainz, will leave Germany” was not true. Yasmina Alatovich, vice president of corporate communications at BioNTech, said the Bild news was not true. “We asked to correct the news,” Alatovich said. It is true that we … Read more

How much did the dollar and euro cost on the free market?

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Istanbul is on the free market dollar The day started at 18,8080 liras and the euro from 20,4520 liras. A dollar bought at 18,8060 lire is sold on the free market for 18,8080 lire. The selling price of the euro bought for 20,4500 lire was determined to be 20,4520 lira. Yesterday, the … Read more

The death toll from cholera is on the rise

SAFAKNA TURKEY – With the advent of the Corona in our lives, the whole world began to fight many diseases, such as monkeypox and streptococcus A. The death of thousands of people due to the growing cholera epidemic in recent days is alarming. Experts in Malawi have warned of a cholera epidemic. Millions of people … Read more

Vendors selling spare parts during the winter months are smiling.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – As temperatures drop, the likelihood of vehicle breakdowns has increased. Due to the increase in car prices in recent months, citizens have begun to pay more attention to the vehicle in their hands and have increased the amount of service. Density in industrial areas has also affected companies selling spare parts. Parts … Read more

Confidence index data for last month released

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The Turkish Statistical Institute has announced the service, retail and construction confidence indices for January. Service and retail also declined, construction rose Accordingly, the seasonally adjusted confidence index fell 1.7 percent in the service sector, 1 percent in the retail sector, and increased 0.6 percent in the construction sector on a monthly … Read more