Avicenna’s proposal for a source of healing

The recipes and suggestions of SHAFAKN TURKEY-Avicenna, one of the prominent scientists of the Islamic world, have attracted great attention for centuries. Ibn-i Sina, who often writes in his book about the treatment of diseases with natural products, finds solutions to many health problems. In the books he wrote, Ibn-i Sina offered solutions to many people, explaining the natural painkilling foods that every kitchen should have to relieve unbearable knee pain.

Tail fat, which is less commonly used today, has very effective health benefits. Ibn-i Sina also talks about the benefits of tail oil in his helpful tips in his book. It is known that fat tail fat is the most useful among animal fats. The vitamin D rich in tail oil treats knee pain. Ibn-i Sina recommended tail oil for knee pain that does not go away.


There are those who use tail fat, turning it into a cream and applying it to the body. Fat tail fat, which turns into a cream when melted, must be applied to the knees in the evening with sheep’s wool, and if sheep’s wool is not found, then wrap it in a clean cloth and rinse with warm water in the morning.

In addition to fat tail fat, sheep wool has many benefits for the body. Therefore, the effect of those who prefer sheep wool increases.


It ensures healthy development of muscles and bones in children of developmental age.

It helps balance blood pressure. This keeps tension in balance.

Provides protection against vascular occlusion. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, has a positive and softening effect on the nervous system. Thus, it minimizes the risk of rheumatism and paralysis. It also protects against shocks in the body as well as sciatica.

This ensures that the immune system always remains resistant to viruses, infections and free radicals.


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