Avoid low-quality and cheap sunglasses.

SAFAKNA TURKEY- With the warming weather, citizens have turned to sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, cheap and unbranded sunglasses sold on the sidewalks and in the shops do not protect against the harmful effects of sunlight, but also worsen eye health.

Harmful rays cause many diseases from cataracts, dry eyes to loss of vision.

Dogan Kyzylma, who has worked as an optician for 25 years, told ILKHA about his choice of sunglasses.

Kizillema said that cheap and low-quality sunglasses appeared on the market due to insufficient control.

Kizillema emphasized that low-quality sunglasses create a situation that increases the risk of cataracts.

“A person’s hobbies are crucial for eye health”

Stating that there are certain criteria for choosing points, Kizillema said: “There are certain criteria for choosing points; the geometric lines of the face, skin color, hair color, eye color and size are determined. Human hobbies play a decisive role in eye health. If a person drives for a long time or spends more than 4 hours on a white glossy background, polarized glass is usually recommended because the reflection is greater. In terms of color, glass green is better for tropical regions. In steppe-dominated regions like ours, shades of brown may be preferred in terms of enhancing contrast. It would be more beneficial if the person expressed his requirements and asked for support from the optician in this regard. said.

“The most preferred glass color in our region is brown”

Red Apple is born

Noting that mineral glasses are preferable for enhancing contrast, Kizillema said: “The most preferred glass color in our region is brown. We are on brown. If it’s more for everyday life, there are organic and mineral glasses in addition to polarek glass. Mineral colors are used to increase contrast. These are healthier products. This, of course, is reflected in the cost, they are more expensive than glasses. used his words.

“You must use good quality sunglasses”

Pointing out that cheap and low-quality sunglasses damage the retina, Kyzylelma said: “The glasses of cheap sunglasses do not use organic raw materials, they use plastic glasses. Our papilla has a light-sensitive structure. Our papillae expand in the dark at night. The same is true when we wear low quality glasses. When plastic sunglasses are put on the eye, it appears dark and the papilla enlarges. Since glass does not filter incident light well, more harmful light is produced on the retina. More light enters the lenses, which creates a situation that accelerates the risk of cataracts. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-quality sunglasses. You need to stay away from products that are sold by ordinary peddlers, the origin of which is unknown and for which there is no guarantee.” used his words.

“I recommend buying glasses in an optics store”

Recommending buying glasses from opticians, Kyzylelma said: “Recently, we see sunglasses being sold at other stores and clothing stores besides opticians. If the glasses are bought in stores where there are opticians, the guarantee will be. If there is a technical problem, they can get service. I recommend buying glasses at an optics store.” He said.

“Authorized institutions should provide oversight”

Noting that low-quality and cheap sunglasses are not properly checked, Kizilelma said: “Unfortunately, fake and cheap sunglasses have been around for many years. Unfortunately, these products can be reached because there is not a strict enough control at customs. The heart desires that our country be given points above certain standards suitable for directing. Supervision should not be carried out by us, but by authorized institutions.” said.


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