Ban on the export of pharmaceuticals

SAFAKNA TURKEY – At the meeting where Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca met with pharmaceutical industry stakeholders yesterday, it was informed that only if there are enough medicines on the market, export permission for this medicine can be issued and checks will be strictly continued. .

In a statement, the ministry recalled Koca’s three-stage explanations for solving drug supply problems by Koca, a new exchange rate mechanism for manufacturers, temporarily halting the export of rare drugs, and obtaining reliable conditions for the purchase of pharmaceutical raw materials.

The statement said that the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency last week imposed a ban on the export of medicines manufactured in Turkey to ensure patients’ access to medicines, and stated that after the publication of the new exchange rate regulation in medicine pricing In the Official Gazette, Minister Koca yesterday met with leaders from all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry.

The statement released the following information about the meeting:

“At a comprehensive meeting held with representatives of the sector, it was stated that only if there is a sufficient amount of the drug on the market, export permission for this drug can be granted, and checks will be strictly continued. Health Minister Koca reiterated that they are determined to take all necessary measures to ensure citizens’ access to medicine. Minister Koca said: “We will continue to pursue this process dynamically. With the decisions made, consultations and strict checks, we will quickly solve temporary problems in medicine.”

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