BBP Chairman Destici: High inflation and exchange rate fluctuations have negatively affected Turkey

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Chairman of the Great Unity Party (BBP) Mustafa Destici stated that Turkey has many reasons for economic hopes and said that the 21st century will be the century of Turkey.

High inflation and exchange rate fluctuations negatively affected Turkey

Noting that high inflation and currency fluctuations had taken their toll on Turkey, Desci said the government had to take some emergency measures. Explaining that there are two important reasons for this process, Destichi said:

Criticism of Ali Babakan

“Firstly, it is the policy of low exchange rate and high real interest rates that has been pursued in recent years. In other words, the policy of Ali Babajan. This policy has been carried out for too long without taking into account economic data. The latest result of this is that we have faced the largest financial current account deficit in the history of our Republic. This increased the burden on our country’s foreign exchange needs.

This has led to dollarization rising to anomalous levels.

This resulted in exchange rates spiraling out of control and dollarization reaching abnormal levels. Mr. Babakan, who was introduced as the man to whom the Alliance of the Nation would deliver the economy, was the person at the head of this current account deficit, high inflation and foreign borrowing. Thank God, Türkiye was saved and moved to an economic system that prioritizes investment and employment. The second factor is the pandemic process affecting the whole world. The war between Ukraine and Russia was the highlight of this business.”

General data on imports and exports

Sharing figures on imports and exports, Destici said some sectors, especially the opposition, are creating disasters.

Destichi said: “However, when we look at the numbers, we see that the situation is not what they say. There are negative developments from what it was a few years ago, but if you look at the average over the last 15 years, you will see that economic performance has been worse than it is today for many years that were considered good in the past.

Turkey shines like a star among 193 countries, especially with its performance over the past 5-6 years. This shows that we will be much stronger if we do not remain influenced by others when making our decisions, and if we manage our country with independent, realistic and sound policies.” used phrases.

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