Beware of the 8 main signs of lung cancer


As with all cancers, fatigue is an important symptom of lung cancer. Fatigue can be seen at any stage, so it can be an early sign of lung cancer. Because the metabolism of cancer cells is too intense, they consume many times more energy than normal cells. They can cause extreme fatigue as they also impair lung function and cause shortness of breath.

frequent pneumonia

“If you often get pneumonia, especially if it always occurs in the same area of ​​the lung, the problem may be lung cancer,” said Prof. Dr. Chukhadaroglu said that in this table, the inside of the respiratory tract was examined with a bronchoscope sent to the respiratory tract with bronchoscopic examination, and in case of doubt, a piece was taken and sent for biopsy.

Confused breath

Shortness of breath is one of the typical symptoms of lung cancer. This is one of the late stage symptoms because it occurs as a result of the tumor blocking the airways. prof. Dr. Chukhadaroglu warned that the severity of shortness of breath in lung cancer increases over a short period of time, such as days and weeks, and said: “The great majority of patients with lung cancer also have COPD. For this reason, patients think that their shortness of breath is caused by COPD and, unfortunately, may be slow to see a doctor.

chest pain

Chest pain can be caused by damage to the pleura or bones and develops in the advanced stages of lung cancer. However, there may be undiagnosed chest pain during coughing, which can be seen at any stage. The reason for this is that in lung cancer, the airways try to expel the mass, believing it to be a foreign body. As a result of the impossibility of expelling the mass, a persistent and painful cough may occur.

Hoarseness and difficulty swallowing

Hoarseness and difficulty swallowing; It is usually caused by cancer of the larynx, as well as more innocent causes such as colds and reflux. However, it can also be seen in lung cancer. With this type of cancer, hoarseness and difficulty swallowing indicate damage to the nerves or the direct main airways.

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