Billion-dollar tender goes to “dear friend” of former AKP minister

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Koshar, who is also a member of the board of directors of the Turkish Wushu Kung Fu Federation, also visited the chairman of the Supreme Council of Radio and Television (RTÜK), Ebubekir Sahin.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has announced a tender for the construction of 738 houses for earthquake victims in the Karaelbistan region of Elbistan.

Leda Yapı won the tender, in which seven companies bid in excess of the approximate cost by 1 billion 260 million liras.

The owners of Leda Yapı in Ankara are Nazmi and Feisel Koshar. Nazmi Koshar, the owner of a large share, is one of the names very close to the members of the AKP.

So much so that the wedding of Koshar, who married his son in 2020, was attended by former AKP MP Van Hussein Celik, who also served as the Minister of National Education and Culture and witnessed the wedding.

Celik, in a message he shared on Twitter, named Kosharmy dear friend‘ he introduced:Yunus, the son of my dear countryman and friend Nazmi Joshar, joined his life with Kubra Aslan. I wish our young people, whom I witnessed the marriage, be happy together and grow old together.”

with the head of RTUK

Koshar was also a board member of the Turkish Wushu Kung Fu Federation. Koshar also visited RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin with his entourage in February 2019.

Earthquake victims offer AKP members

Dicken said that on March 2, AKP members gathered for several earthquake tenders.

Seven companies applied for the construction of 297 residential buildings, a commercial center with four shops, infrastructure and landscape design in Chobanly Mahallesi, Qakhta Adiyaman district; Entrepreneurs from Elazig won the tender for 469 million lire with a price advantage of 15 percent in favor of the contracting company. It emerged that Khalil Koç, who won the tender, and Mustafa Feyzi Koç, owner of MFK Mühendislik, were close to AKP Deputy Elazig Tolgoi Agar, AKP Mayor Elazig Zulfyu Demirbag, and other AKP members in the province.

A similar incident occurred in Kilis. Akgün İnşaat, which is close to the AKP, has won a tender for the construction and furnishing of 645 houses, four shops and a mosque in the 2nd phase of Deveciler Mahallesi in the central Kilis district for 1 billion 124 million lira. The owners of the company, Mehmet Syururi Akgün and Ali Ferrukh Akgün, had close relationships with many of the AKP leaders in the city.

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