Binance Lists 2 New Trading Pairs, This Altcoin Has Crashed!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Binance, Thursday, March 2 In an official statement on the same day AirDAO (AMB) AND Beacon ETH (BETH) to the platform 2 new trading pairs announced that it would add support.

currently AMB For BNB and BTC their parity Ethereum Beacon if for BUSD and ETH Binance, which includes AirDAO and Beacon ETH investors Tether (USDT) at face value trading opportunity will know.

According to the statement, investors March 3 11:00 CET“Because the AMB/USDT and BETH/USDT will be able to start trading trading pairs.

Before disclosure $0.035 AMB that has risen to the level experienced a decline.

experienced 25% ECB with a decline, $0.0267 dropped to levels. CoinGecko It is trading at $0.02593 at the time of writing, according to the ECB.

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