Binance MultiChain Solution – Last Minute Türkiye and World News

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – Binance announced on May 25 that MultiChain-linked Network of 10 bridge tokens announced the suspension of deposits on the In a statement Multichain It was stated that there was no clear answer from the team regarding the problems encountered, and the wait continues.

Between bridge networks that Binance has suspended polkastarter (POLIS)-BSC, Alchemy Pay (ACH)-BSC, Beefy.Finance (BIFI)-Phantom (FTM), SuperVerse (SUPER)-BSC, (AVA)-ETH, Spell (SPELL)-AVAXC, Alpaca Finance (ALPACA)-FTM, FTM-ETH, Harvest Financing (FARM)-BSCDeXe (DEXE-BSC happened.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies in other networks There are no restrictions or failures in deposit and withdrawal transactions.

On May 24, some users gained access to Multichain. abnormal passage of funds One delays stated that this was happening, and after that the team stated that knot from the rise it was claimed to have occurred. But behind the scenes, the Multichain team Chinese law enforcement To he was arrested and in the team 1.5 billion It was alleged that the dollar fund was confiscated.

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