Binance: We will continue to grow in Turkey

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Gleb Kostarev, Regional President of Binance Asia, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, said that Turkey is an important country for them and that they will continue to grow in Turkey. Kostarev, who came to Turkey as part of the Istanbul Blockchain Week and answered our questions, said: “We work in 180 countries. Turkey is in the top ten in the group. We will continue to grow in Turkey. There is currently no regulation in Turkey. Turkey has everything to become a major crypto hub. And regulation is an important part of that. Relevant regulations will help in this,” he said.

“We support regulation, but it should not be restrictive”

Binance Turkey General Manager Mujahit Donmez also emphasized that Changpeng Zhao, Founder and CEO of Binance, describes Turkey as one of the most important markets at every opportunity and looks to the future of the market with hope. Donmez said: “We want Turkey to become the center in the region in the field of blockchain. We met with our CEO Changpeng Zhao and Nureddin Nebati, our Minister of Finance and Finance. We were very pleased with the approach of our minister. He stated that we do not want to be left out of this new and important technology and even want to be a trailblazing country followed in this field. In January, a meeting was held in Ankara under the leadership of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Like all stakeholders in the sector, they listened to us and accepted our opinion. What do you think the law should be? We are working on this issue and would like to hear from you. We have submitted our 13-point package of proposals.”

8-10 million people have accounts in Turkey

When asked about the size of the market in Turkey, Mukahit Donmez said that the number of people with crypto accounts on at least one exchange in Turkey is predicted to be between 8 and 10 million. Donmez said: “These accounts are predominantly held by young people. Daily transaction volume in Turkey averages around $250 million.” These numbers can be much higher in a bull market. This is stated to be $600-700 million for a bull market. Binance is a leading name and ecosystem market leader in the world. Its share in the world is almost 50 percent, and we have the same share in Turkey,” he said. WORLD

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